Believing that anyone can find their own musical voice, Linda provides enthusiastic instruction, steady encouragement and the passion to learn something new in a fun environment!
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Linda’s passion for music has been with her for as long as she can remember. She attributes her love of music to her mother, who exposed her early on to opera, ballet and musical theatre. She progressed from having organ lessons in her early years, which led to piano, and then guitar.

Having written songs for over 30 years, her music is romantic, soulful and earthy; her lyrics and melodies weave colorful stories of intriguing people and curious places. In addition to her rich career as a singer/songwriter, Linda is passionate about sharing her vast musical experience and knowledge with those who wish to embark on their own personal music journey.

Her musical genre focuses mainly on singer/songwriters with folk, country and rock roots. Her warm and inviting style along with 20 years of teaching guitar at the renowned Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago as well as private lessons in her home studio, offer a nurturing environment in which to learn guitar, live performance, vocal techniques and songwriting.

Twice a year, a student performance is held at a Chicago music venue. It’s completely up to the student if they wish to participate. Most folks do because it’s too much fun! Linda’s home studio is located on the Northwest side of Chicago, easy on/off access from I/90 and I/94.

"Music is a universal language of emotion; a vehicle for memories, healing and connection. Perhaps songs, lyrics and chords are their own forms of saying hello, and offer a powerful motivation to improve ourselves and to improve society."

~ Sharone Houri

(In person or via Zoom)

$50 / hr

$60 / hr

$60 / hr

For information, please contact:

Linda Marie Smith
Music/Multimedia Artist
773-320-3424 (cell)


$180 Guitar
$220 Vocal/performance technique & songwriting

$344 Guitar
$424 Vocal/performance technique & songwriting

"She will tailor a program to meet your specific needs and help you achieve goals you never thought possible!"


"My husband and I started guitar lessons via Zoom with Linda as something to do together during the stay at home orders. She promised we’d be playing real songs after the first lesson and she was right! Linda has a great sense for how to keep us challenged while making sure we are continuing to improve prior songs along the way. She keeps us going and makes it fun!"

~ Cynthia & Allan

"What Linda has given me is beyond measure. My life changed in miraculous ways the day I walked into her Guitar 1 class at the Old Town School of Folk Music over eight years ago. A little over two years ago, I started taking private lessons with Linda. One of the goals I had when first learning guitar, was to start performing—playing guitar and singing in a public forum. Almost three years later, I have realized that dream and have also started writing and performing my own material under Linda’s guidance. Through it all she has become so much more than just my guitar teacher—she is my friend, my mentor and my inspiration. My world is an infinitely better place because of her, and “Thank you” doesn’t begin to adequately express my gratitude. If you’re looking to “up your game” with your guitar playing and/or your vocal performance, I highly recommend Linda. She will tailor a program to meet your specific needs and help you achieve goals you never thought possible!"

~ Bryan

"Although I've been a lifelong musician, I'd always dreamed of playing the guitar and singing. In May 2017, I picked up a guitar with Linda for the very first time and I simply cannot believe how far I've come under her tutelage! Her instruction is a blend of guitar technique, music theory, and voice coaching, and in a few short years, I've gone from a complete beginner to feeling confident playing and singing in front of others, soloing, and even arranging pieces to better fit my voice and ability. She has a ridiculous amount of knowledge to give her students, but more than that, she is an empathetic teacher who truly cares about each and every one of her students, and while she will always be a teacher and mentor to me, I consider her a friend as well. Whether you're a beginner or someone with years of experience, I truly feel as though Linda has something to offer that is going to not only enhance your ability, but enrich your life as well."

~ Sarah

"I taught myself how to play by ear but I wanted to know what the hell I was doing. Enter Linda Marie Smith. I started taking guitar lessons with Linda in a group setting where I became more familiar and comfortable with my playing. My next step was to start private lessons with Linda and I have nothing but good things to say about her. I enjoy the fact that every lesson feels different. They’re never boring. Linda inspires me to play better! She’s patient and encouraging and the lessons are tailor to what I want to learn. Linda can take any song and dissect it and help you find the right key for you. I never had any desire to sing but Linda gave me that push and encouragement to actually get up on a stage and play and sing in front of an audience! Of course with anything, there are certain things up to you, practice, practice, practice! Linda is not only a gifted Singer/Songwriter, she is also a phenomenal teacher. Taking guitar and vocal lessons from her has been a life changing experience and one of the best decision of my life."

~ Ricardo

"Linda Marie Smith is an incredible teacher, mentor, and friend. I had always wanted to play the guitar, but as a 40+ something adult, I had never picked up an instrument. Linda demystified the process for me, giving me the guidance, confidence, and technical instruction that enabled me to stick with it and achieve my vision. Along the way, she would gradually up the stakes – progressing from chords to bar chords to fingerpicking, and always remaining positive and tailoring the lesson plans around me. She allowed me to pick the music I was passionate about, that I really wanted to play, and that made the process even more rewarding. Along the way she also challenged me to perform, write original music, participate in open mics and more. I can't believe what I am able to do today musically, and the impact it has had on my spirit. I could not imagine a better person and instructor to take me through this journey, and I am blessed to have Linda in my life."

~ Seth