I invite you to join me on my newest creative journey


Why Frida Kahlo? Many years ago, while sightseeing in Mexico, I saw a painting in a shop of a sad, distraught woman with obsidian eyes, raven black hair, and a miniature bust of Diego Rivera emblazoned on her forehead like a third eye. I was immediately transfixed and knew at that moment that I needed to know the identity of this dark and mysterious woman.

I quickly learned who this magnificent artist was and began to delve deeply into her life and work. Surprisingly, my research unveiled an immediate connection with her not only as a woman but also as an artist.

Like Frida, I am very familiar with the painful struggles of loneliness, relevance, and loss. Her relentless courage to persevere and brilliantly create under challenging circumstances inspired me to tell her story through my creative medium of music. In sharing my interpretation of Frida’s life and work, I hope to connect with courageous, like-minded individuals who understand the healing power and necessity of artistic creation and expression.