Quotes & Testimonials

Accolades for "The Triumph Of Artemisia"

"With voice and music and evocative images, Linda M. Smith soulfully conveys the inner Artemisia Gentileschi--her yearnings, her painter's eye, and her abiding hope. "Bless Me Michelangelo" is a timeless paean to the power of art to uplift and heal." Susan Vreeland, New York Best Selling author, "The Passion of Artemisia", "Girl In Hyacinth Blue", "Luncheon of the Boating Party" and many others To find out more about Susan Vreeland, go to her web site at: http://www.svreeland.com/

"Smith enriches the pastoral backdrop in her songs with a golden voice and a sensitive ear towards arrangement. The lyrics are especially rich, evoking the complexity of Artemisia's growth as both a woman and painter in the male-dominated art world." Andy Downing, Chicago Tribune

"...with her 2007 album "Artemisia," a concept album inspired by the life of 17th Century painter Artemisia Gentileschi, Smith's music seems better suited to marble-floored museums and sunlit art galleries. The album sounds like it was crafted with careful brush-strokes, twinkling piano, dreamy flute and lilting violin creating a romantic backdrop for Smith's self-assured vocal stylings."
Andy Downing, Chicago Tribune - "High Five"

"Although the songs deal with Artemisia's life, the themes are contemporary and relatable to everyone." Sara Burrows, Pioneer Press

"Artemisia," the cd is a real treat for your ears. Linda M. Smith is a highly gifted balladeer, classy crooner, and her newest album is a hit. Her writings are true poetry of a place of warmth and understanding that feels like a nice warm hug from a close friend." Edward Vincent, Oak Park Journal

"Soulful and earthy." Micah Materre, WGN Channel 9 News anchor

"Smith's visually captivating presentation of Artemisia's paintings underscore the source of inspiration for Linda's songs. Artemisia's work, like the women she portrays, is frank, audacious, unrepentant. The combined mediums of music and art tell a compelling story of struggle, perseverance and triumph."
Samuel Rosby - Professor of Art - William Rainey Harper College


Linda's first two CDs "Linda M. Smith" and "Blame It On The Moon" also featuring national folk hero Michael Smith received glowing reviews as well.

"Her strong, self-assured vocals and lyrical style that examines the usual romantic turf without resorting to cliches....Smith's voice is well worth hearing."
Jim DeRogatis, Chicago Sun-Times

"...a CD that makes a lasting impression." Illinois Entertainer

"She's got a real sweet voice...it definitely fits the music we play."
WXRT's Linn Brehmer

"Linda M. Smith is a folk rock singer-songwriter who's songs reflect the innermost feelings shared by those searching for more meaning in their life.
Her passion emotes a natural, self inviting style...direct and intimately familiar." University of Illinois - Chicago

Here are some reviews from recent live performances:

 "A thought-provoking and beautiful evening of music performed by top-rate professionals.  The Story of Artemisia is one of the best things we have ever presented at Oakton Community College!"
Kathleen Carot
Professor of Humanities, Speech and Theaterand
Coordinator of Women's and Gender Studies
Oakton Community College

 "What can I say!  Thank You!!  Artemisia -the Music, the Lyrics, the Poetry, Artisitic, Visceral and Aural images - all presented by three gifted and committed musicians.  You lured the women of the Allied Arts Club to join you in a truly spiritual and memorable experience.
Lenore Gordon - President

 I cannot thank you and your band members enough for such a spectacular and passionate performance.  The music, the lyrics, the visuals all in one package delighted the senses and left me and the audience wanting more.  You are truly gifted in telling the story of Artemisia. Jane Connors-Geddes - Antioch Public Library District

A week after Linda presented "The Triumph of Artemisia" at our library, I still have people stopping to say what a wonderful, thought-provoking, and beautiful presentation it was.  They were blown away by the visual presentation of Artemisia’s painting and were mesmerized by the music.  Linda is a gifted singer and songwriter.  This unique program was one of the best we’ve had!
Carolyn DeAre - Wheaton Public Library

We were thrilled to have "The Triumph of Artemisia" as our opening program for Women's History Month at the Harold Washington Library. The audience enjoyed the wonderful songs, visuals, and performance by these most talented musicians. The show was perfectly executed and the group was extremely  professional to work with.
Leslie Patterson - Harold Washington Library Center

"Linda presents such a unique, special program which is very much unlike any other. "The Triumph OF ARTEMISIA" is so beautifully sung, played and the whole story interwoven so well in word, song and video graphics that it makes it a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience. It would be virtually impossible to recommend a program any more than I do hers and makes me so much look forward to her next one."
Doug Cunningham - Friends of the Library - Lisle Library District

"If you are looking for an enjoyable and beautifully portrayed afternoon, look no further then Linda M. Smith and her "The Triumph of Artemisia." With original lyrics and music, Linda portrays the history of this little known Italian artist. It truly is a treat for ones' senses!"
Debbie Hoffman - Warren-Newport Library

When I read The Passion of Artemisia by Susan Vreeland, I never considered what an artist with quite different talents could do to make this amazing story come to life. The songs are thought provoking; your voices are beautiful; the graphic display of Artemisia's paintings was extraordinary. What an outstanding program!
Sally Schuster - Addison Public Library

"Thanks again for coming to Evanston Public Library. Everybody enjoyed your program, so creative and observant."
Mary Boylan, Readers Services - Evanston Public Library

"I had the great pleasure of hosting artist Linda M. Smith at our library here in Naperville. The program she presented, "The Triumph of Artemisia", was both unique and magical. Our audience was completely taken with Linda and the two other musicians, whose talents were displayed to their highest levels as they performed the songs seamlessly one into another. The commentary and background information on the artist and her times were much appreciated by our patrons, who have enjoyed many performances here, but stated that they had never seen anything quite like this before."
Mary Bannon, Public Programming Coordinator - Naperville Library

"Those in attendance at Linda Smith's powerful performance at our library were impressed with her beautiful music and compelling visuals......it is the type of thought-provoking programming that public libraries should make available from time to time."
Jan Oblinger, Adult Program Coordinator - Freemont Public Library

 “Linda presented “The Triumph of Arteemisia” after a book discussion on Susan Vreeland’s The Passion of Artemisia. Many in the audience had read the book, but many just came to hear Linda’s interpretation of Artemisia’s story. Everyone was entranced by Linda’s tribute to Artemisia, and appreciated Linda’s songwriting abilities and Rob and Eugenia’s melodic contributions to the evening. The visuals were stunning, as they proved that Artemisia’s talent was singular and that she beautifully captured emotions in her paintings. Anyone who loves art, literature, and music will be amazed by Linda’s performance.”
Carol KaniaPublicity and Program Coordinator Downers Grove Public Library