SAVE THE DATE! March 1st 2014, MEARRA~SELKIE FROM THE SEA multi-media performance - for more information please visit us on INDIEGOGO!

Buy tickets for MEARRA - SELKIE FROM THE SEA debut and filming at the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago

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On the heels of her successful original multi-media music show "The Triumph of Artemisia", Linda Marie Smith presents another magical performance. "Mearra - Selkie From the Sea" brings together original songs, rich orchestrations and evocative stage imagery, for a one of a kind live music performance. The family friendly show is inspired by the timeless celtic myth of the selkie; a unique seal creature with the ability to transform into a human. In Smith's mystical story the selkie Mearra secretly falls in love with a lonely fisherman and transforms into a human to be with him and have a family together. Selkie tradition however calls for her ultimate return to the sea again as a seal leaving all of their lives forever changed in this bittersweet tale of love, loss and transformation.